Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Activ8 Hockey Camps?
    After an intense curiosity, interest and enthusiasm by younger hockey players desperate for improvement, Activ8 Hockey was launched in 2019 by current Australian Hockeyroos player and player number 8, Georgia Wilson. We’ve decided it’s time to remove the middle men and provide junior players with direct access to the high level of international talent Australian hockey is renowned for. It’s why our hockey camps are for the players, by the players.

  2. What clothing should my child wear?
    Anything that they feel comfortable playing hockey in! Based upon the forecast, we suggest packing a spare pair of clothes in the case of wet weather and unpredicted rain!

  3. My child doesn’t meet the age requirement for the camp to which all of his/her friends are going. Is it possible for them to join?
    Yes it definitely is possible! We set our age limit based upon experience, physical strength and emotional maturity of the child. Whether the child meets this requirement will be decided after deliberation between Activ8 staff and the parent. Please get in contact with us and send an email explaining your request.

  4. My child has never played hockey before, but wants to know if it’s something he/she would like to do. Is it possible to come to your camp to figure that out?

    Absolutely. We love new players who are keen to experiment and try the wonderful sport of hockey. The camp acts as a great opportunity for them to immerse themselves and improve over the three days. Beside the hockey program, it will also allow them to form new friendships with players from a range of different clubs.

  5. The camp coincides with the start/end of our family holiday. Is it possible for them to still attend?
    Yes of course! We understand that the school break provide the rare chance for family holidays which is why we’ve arrangeda single or multi-day camp training options for purchase. If you’re wanting to experience the best camp on offer, we suggest enrolling for three days to maximise your child’s learning and their hockey improvement! To choose this option, simply select which days/ how many you’d like in at the time of purchase.

  6. Will my child be in the same training group as his/her friends?
    We’ll try our absolute best to group players with their friends. It should be noted however that trainings groups will predominately be organised by level, therefore it can be that your child may be placed in another group due to different playing levels. It’s best to register online with friends and include in the general comments during booking any friends/siblings they are wanting to be grouped with.

  7. Can I watch my child during the camp?
    Yes! We love proud parents who have time to attend and observe the camps activities. We also completely understand that school holidays can be a difficult and stressful time for parents busy with work/personal commitments. Please don’t feel obliged to stick around, your child is in safe hands. In other words, go ahead and schedule that much needed coffee date and spa package!

  8. Is there a a date that I need to register by?
    There is no application deadline; however, we expect the camp to fill quickly!
    We know that financially this time of year can be stressful which is why we’re offering you the option to enrol your child to secure a place but the opportunity to pay later. We’ve limited numbers to provide players with personal coaching interaction and attention so please register early to avoid disappointment. It also helps by giving us the opportunity to pre-plan groups, drills and food requirements in advance.

  9. If I sign my child up alone, will he/she be the only one without any friends at the camp?
    No. We’ve predicted over 20% of participants to register individually. Our coaches welcome all players and encourage immediate interaction between participants to help foster new friendships in a trusted and safe environment.

  10. How can I contact Activ8?
    Due to national training commitments occurring at irregular times, it’s best to contact Activ8 via email for the quickest response at All queries and questions will be addressed by Activ8 director and Hockeyroo, Georgia Wilson.


Payment, Cancellation and insurances

  1. How much does the camp cost?

    We’ve priced our camp to allow for as many players as possible to attend. Single day camp experiences are priced at $100 per player with our two-day option priced at $200 and our full three-day experience at $300. Full payment is required prior to commencement of the camp.

  2. Can I enrol but pay later?
    Yes you can! Simply email us at to secure your child’s place but pay at a later date.
    All payments can be made through our online booking system platform by clicking here. Full payment is required upon the time of booking with no refunds available. For any other questions surrounding payment, please contact us.

  3. Should my child bring a mobile phone to the camp?
    We strongly advise participants to NOT bring mobile phones or any other valuables to the camp. There will be limited opportunity for use and in the case of emergency, our supervisors and coaches have contact devices available with parent details. If participants do choose to bring their mobile phone and/or valuables, it is at their own risk and no responsibility will be taken if lost/stolen.

  4. What happens if my child loses something?
    No need to stress, we totally get that kids are clumsy from time to time which is why any lost and found items will be kept for a period of one week after the camp conclusion. Please contact us via email with a description of the item and we’ll arrange for pick up.

  5. Do all player coaches have working with children checks?
    Yes, all of our player coaches have current working with children checks.

  6. Is there someone who will be able to administer first aid during the camp?
    Yes, we have arranged for an individual with their first aid qualification to be present during the entire duration of the three day camp.

  7. My child has a medical condition (e.g. ADHD, diabetes). Is it still possible for them to attend the camp?
    This should not be a problem in most cases. However, we ask you to contact us via email prior to registering your child so we can discuss the situation in advance and ensure appropriate arrangements are organised to ensure their safety.

  8. What if my child has food intolerances?
    Participants will be provided with a healthy lunch across the entire duration of the three day camp. Unfortunately, large group numbers restrict us from catering to specific needs so we politely ask you to arrange and pack any alternatives for your child throughout the day. Refrigeration and re-heating facilities will also be available. Please contact us to discuss any intolerances in advance.

  9. What is the procedure in case of an accident, injury or illness?
    Hockey can be a dangerous sport which is why your child’s safety is our number one priority. Aside from supervision throughout the entire course of the camp, all participants will be required to use protective equipment including mouthguard and shin pads. In the unlikely case of a child becoming injured, immediate contact with parents/guardians will be communicated. Hale turf is also located in close proximity to Bournemouth Medical Centre in the rare circumstance of more serious injuries.

  10. My child uses medication. How do you handle this at the camps?
    It is our preference that all medication be handed to the Activ8 supervisors at the beginning of the camp start. We can then ensure your child takes their medication on time. If your child wishes to hold on to his/her medication, we cannot be held responsible for it’s scheduling.