Meet georgia.

Welcome to my site.

My name’s Georgia Wilson but you can call me Willow.

I’m a 22 year old local girl from Perth, Western Australia. I love challenging myself by getting creative in the kitchen and cooking healthy indulgent treats, twisting myself into uncomfortable yoga positions and attempting to silence my jungle of a mind through meditation and self-love.

Oh, I should probably also add that I love playing field hockey and am a proud current player of one of the greatest female sporting teams in the world, the Australian Hockeyroos.


Devastatingly, I had to undergo a full knee reconstruction after tearing my anterior cruciate ligament in January and brave an intensive twelve month rehabilitation. I quickly found myself in a deep state of depression, anger and self-hate, not only losing the opportunity to be selected and compete at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games but feeling like I had suddenly lost myself.

The last twelve months have been a process of personal development and self discovery. I’ve experienced firsthand the trauma associated with major injury in elite sport and the destructive effects involved when losing ones identity.


Above all, I’ve learnt the importance of treating our body and mind with the kindness and respect we not only need, but deserve.

The value that comes when we are able to accept and trust in ourselves, having confidence in knowing that everything we are doing is in an attempt to create a better version of who we currently are and the person we are ultimately hoping to become.

Join me on the journey.



Hockey Australia High Performance Scholarship Holder (2017, 2018, 2019)
Western Australia Institute of Sport Scholarship Holder (2012 - 2019)
WAIS Junior Athlete of the Year Nominee (Top 3 Finalist) (2017)
World League Semi Finals (2017)
Oceania Cup Gold Medallist (2017)
International Festival of Hockey
4x Rechelle Hawkes Youth Player of the Year
Charlesworth Medal Recipient

Bachelor of Science (Human Biology and Marketing) University of Western Australia (2018)
Pilbara Community Indigenous Hockey Program
Wally Foreman Scholarship Recipient
Euroz Securities Scholarship Recipient
Mercedes College Head Girl